You were headed down Hwy 1 and suddenly got a flat tire. You got out to take a look and someone stopped to help you... That was the last thing you remember. You've been TAKEN and you don't know where you are... Can you Escape this creepy place before he comes back for you?

(Body parts and fake blood
​will be seen in Game)


              see, we told you it was fun:


Thu: 4:30-9pm
Fri: 12:30-9pm
Sat: 12:30 - 9pm
​Sun: 1230 - 9pm

​Must have 2 Players
​Recommend Age 8 and up
1 Hour Game

40% Success Rate

​Recommend 4 Players
Recommend Age 12 and up
1 Hour Game

21% Success Rate

2557 Whiskey Road, Aiken, SC 29803 (In the Target Shopping Center)

Phone: 803-500-1508 (text ok)


Must have 2 Players
Recommend Age 13 and up

30% Success Rate


what is an escape room:

​​​​A breach at the plant has occurred and control rods have gone missing from Reactor 23 ! You and your team have been brought in to locate the rods and get them back in place before we have a Nuclear Meltdown! The entire plant is under a lock down. We are counting on you!  
(Flashing Lights, Fog &  Loud Sounds in Game)

An Escape Room is a game room designed with hidden puzzles and clues based around a theme and story line. Our rooms are designed to accommodate 2 to 8 people per game and last about an hour. The rooms are not scary. They are not claustrophobic. They are not dangerous.
​They are exciting, intense and lots of fun! ​

the games:

Grandpa Charlie has been playing the same lottery numbers every week since you were "knee high to a grasshopper"! He has finally won the jackpot, but poor Grandpa can't remember where he put the ticket! The Lottery is closing in 1 hour! Can you help search through the twist and turns of Grandpa's past across the world to help discover where the lost ticket is before time runs out?