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Dive into a real-life adventure game filled with mysterious puzzles and brain-teasing clues as you and your group exercise all possibilities to find the solution to escaping our rooms at Aiken 2 Escape.

Aiken 2 Escape is locally owned and operated with a focus on bringing you the most fun and immersive escape game experience possible. We want you to escape Aiken and immerse yourselves into another world all while making memories with your friends and families that will last a lifetime. Collaborate, make decisions, and have fun while you solve the puzzles and clues to escape and emerge victorious.

Choose from one of our three escape room options for you and your group to test your problem-solving skills in this thrilling environment. Aiken 2 Escape’s three escape rooms range in difficulty and scariness, and there’s an option for any group to contribute and solve fun, challenging clues and puzzles to escape before time runs out! The clues are tricky, but no special skills or knowledge is required to have fun, be successful and work towards a common goal of solving our puzzles.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Owner and Escape Artist
Liz is a mom of four who was looking for a new adventure when her kids grew up. She fell in love with the idea of an immersive gaming experience a few years ago when she began working for a company that built escape games. She quickly decided she owed it to herself to follow her dreams, so she bought Aiken 2 Escape when the opportunity presented itself. She brings a unique set of skills to the business, and she finds passion in bringing her customers the best escape experience in Aiken.
Game Master
Brendan is originally from Evans, GA, but he is in Aiken studying Communications at USC-Aiken. His favorite thing about playing an escape game is the rewarding feeling you get when you make it into the next stage of the game.
Game Master
Shaun, a senior at Lakeside High School, is from Evans, GA. His favorite part of working at Aiken 2 Escape is meeting all of the people who come in to experience how cool and fun the games are.
Grammar Police
Grace is a High School English Teacher in Evans, GA with a passion for words and escape games. When Liz needed some good writing for the website, she knew just who to call.
Game Master
Mark is originally from Orlando, FL, but he is in Aiken studying Business Marketing at USC-Aiken. His favorite thing about playing an escape game is the sense of discovery and the rewarding feeling that you receive when you find or figure out a puzzle, challenge, or riddle.
Game Master
Akari is originally from Lexington, SC, but she is in Aiken studying Nursing at USC-Aiken. She loves the feeling when she escapes a room, and she thinks it’s exciting to see our players experience the same feeling of achievement and joy.
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