Secret Society

You are entering the vault of the master of a secret society known as the Order of the Seven Keys. As legend has it, the Order has been using a relic to perform their secret rituals. The relic is valuable, irreplaceable, and also stolen. You and your team must retrieve the relic so that it may be returned to its rightful owner. Compete against another team of treasure hunters to find the relic first or risk finding out what happens to those who steal.

Bring as many as eight players, and divide into two teams to play in these mirrored rooms. There must be at least two people in a room, otherwise the game is literally impossible to play. While it is super fun to play in teams and race each other and the clock, you could easily just play one side of the rooms with a minimum of two need for more.


45 Minutes


8 and Up

How Many Players

Min 2, Max 4

Per room, 2 Rooms

How Hard

How Bright

How Scary

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